WordPress theme design and development

Need a custom theme for your site ? I can do that !

Hand me your mockups and I’ll build a mobile-first, accessible and lightweight WordPress theme. You don’t have any mockup ? I can also design your theme according to your needs and goals, and develop a site that converts your visitors into buyers or subscribers.

A mobile-first approach is systematically used for every theme I develop and I put a special emphasis on accessibility, semantic HTML markup and performance. That way, sites using my themes have better SEO and your visitors are offered a better browsing experience.

Prices for custom themes start at 2000€.

Sylvain Dorémus, dragonjoker.org

I contacted Vincent to help me migrate my site over to WordPress. He guided me perfectly, so that the transition went smoothly. He also designed a WordPress theme I'm very happy with !

Sylvain Dorémus



WordPress plugin development

If you need a plugin, the process is the same. Just provide me with the features you need to implement on your site and I’ll code a custom plugin for that if needed.

Every WordPress development I undertake meets the standards and good practices for maintainability, extensibility and performance. There’s no risk of accidentally breaking your site or locking your WordPress core updates or any of your others plugins’. Also, documentation is provided for every plugin I develop for maximum autonomy.

Prices for custom WordPress plugin development start at 1000€ for small plugins, and adapts to your needs.



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