Site setup

Need help with setting up your WordPress site, but you don’t know where to start ? Or you don’t have the time or skill ?

Whether it’s a simple blog, portfolio site or an e-commerce site, let me handle the installation and setup process for you. I’ll install your theme and all the plugins you need to get your site up and running. You’ll just have to focus on your content and your business !


WordPress design and development

Need a custom theme or plugin ? I can do that !

Hand me your mockups and I’ll build a mobile-first, accessible and lightweight WordPress theme. You don’t have any mockup ? I can also design your theme according to your needs and goals, and develop a site that converts your visitors into buyers or subscribers.

If you need a plugin, the process is the same. Just provide me with the features you need to implement on your site and I’ll code a custom plugin for that if needed.

Theme or plugin, every WordPress development I undertake meets the standards and good practices for accessibility and design for themes, and maintainability and extensibility for plugins.


Sylvain Dorémus,

I contacted Vincent to help me migrate my site over to WordPress. He guided me perfectly, so that the transition went smoothly. He also designed a WordPress theme I'm very happy with !

Sylvain Dorémus


Basic WordPress usage training

You’ve never used WordPress before, or you’ve just installed a new theme or plugin and feel overwhelmed ?

I can provide quality tutoring to help you use your WordPress admin and manage your site the right way. I’ve been a teacher for almost ten years, so I can help you with teaching tailored to your needs and skills, no problem.


WordPress development training

You wonder how to customize your theme the way you want and go beyond what’s offered in the settings ? You just want to learn basic development skills or create advanced plugins ? I offer half-days of dedicated web / WordPress development training. Each session will be planned and crafted according to your needs, wants and current skill level. Homework given and graded !